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John Cruz :: Photographer

john [at] cruzweb dot net

514.503.5145 Within Canada
438.801.2521 From the US
313.799.2789 Text/Voicemail from the US

If you are an artist, musician, non-profit, business or anyone who would like to use one of my photos for anything, please shoot me an email.

I may or may not be available for certain photography gigs. However weddings, senior pictures, engagement photos, bar mitzvahs, infant photos, portraits, and other similar things are not what I do. If you’re needing these services in the Detroit area, email me anyways and I will be happy to¬†recommend¬†one of my friends who does those kinds of projects full time.

If you’re interested in an art project or if you’re a makeup artist, costume designer, etc. who is looking to do a project and need a photographer, that’s more the kind of thing I’d be open to.

Misc. adventures, questions, and suggestions are all appreciated.

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