Getting Silverfast to work (If you bought an older Plustek or similar scanner) on your Mac

So I recently have been getting into film photography…which I haven’t talked about on here because I simply have not been impressed with the quality of scans I’ve been getting by doing the DSLR macro method of film scanning for numerous reasons).

In my quest to get good looking scans, I recently purchased a (barely) used Plustek OpticFilm7400 on eBay. Many of the reviews and whatnot for this scanner complain about the software not working with MacOS, despite the advertised assertion that it does. When I tried to install the Silverfast 6.6 software on my Macbook Pro (running MacOS 8.8.3), everything went smoothly. Upon launching the software, however, and error told me that the program could not open. I recognized this error as a universal binary error: it’s claiming to be universal, but it’s not. It was written for PPC Macs and if you are running a newer version of MacOS that no longer includes Rosetta, you won’t be able to run the program. I didn’t want to use Windows 7 in VMWare to get it running. That’s just bollocks.

But you’re not out of luck. Follow the steps below to get everything working.

  1. Make sure you have the Silverfast disc and your serial number. 
  2. Insert the CD, but do not run the installer .
  3. Download the demo of Silverfast 8 (or whatever the latest version is when you read this) from the Silverfast Demo website. You’ll need to select the scanner you have.
  4. Run the .dmg you just downloaded and go through the install process to install the Silverfast 8 demo.
  5. Run the Silverfast 8 demo. It’ll give you an option to enter a serial number, put in the serial number you have for Silverfast (the old version).
  6. Click ok (or whatever it says). If you skipped step 2, this is where it yells at you to “insert original media”.

If everything went well, you’ll get a “Thank you” pop-up and you’re set to run the software. Free upgrade and no worries.

Scan away.