8-Mile Crackhead Infestation

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Took some time to grab a few shots of the infamous Detroit “Our Neighborhood has been infested with crackheads” sign at a park on 8 mile. You can see it pretty good from the 8 mile overpass. Since I was out and about, I grabbed some other shots as well.

Welcome to Toronto

Ended up in Toronto for labor day. It was a glorious time taking in a truly international city, with all the cuban cigars, poutine, and bike rentals a boy could ask for. Never been happier to have my password.

These shots come in 2 different lenses on my Nikon D5000: A 18-200mm Tamron Zoom lens (my standard “walk around” lens) and a 50mm f1.9 manual focus Minolta MD Lens from circa 1972. It came off of an SRT-100 I plundered from Ebay. The lens alone was worth the $20. I love the way the Minolta lens shots come out, with the help of a converter I can get that warm, early 70s look without paying for film (but I am looking forward to firing some shots with this old camera).

Here’s some of my favorites.

Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline from atop the tower in Casa Loma

Yongo Street

Yongo Street. Shot with my Minolta 50mm

Casa Loma

Casa Loma.


Two people stand on the street in downtown Toronto discussing directions.

Apartment Building

This was a random apartment building I used as a test shot, standing in a parking lot with my 50mm.

Laundry Lady

A woman takes laundry across the street in Chinatown.

The Tea Party at the Tecumseh Corn Festival

I made it across the river yesterday to check out a concert at the Tecumseh Corn Festival in Ontario. The Tea Party is one of my favorites, and their show was amazing.

Despite using my “walk around” lens, a heavy 18-22mm Tamron 3.5-5.6, I was front row so I was able to get off a lot of good shots. The best I could get without having stage access. Canada puts on one hell of a corn festival. There’s some shots in here of the opening band “The Standstills” as well.

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